Our commitment

FRAMA’s main aim is that to create products in accordance with the criterion of the scientific evidence

Our Mission

FRAMA’s mission is that of helping men to maintain their psychophysical well-being using products with high-quality standards while aiming to become a leading company in the Phytotherapy field based on the scientific evidence concept. FRAMA only uses selected extracts with active substances that are highly concentrated, subjecting all the stages of production to a strict control from the raw material to the final product. FRAMA works in strict compliance with nature and the environment, giving priority to raw material coming from organic farming and to a biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging.

FRAMA’s starting point is the research in order to offer new solutions related to the most innovative, safest and most effective studies for the treatment of the most common problems. Nowadays, FRAMA is actually one of the few “Phyto-oriented” Italian companies thanks to this ongoing investigation and scientific updates, introducing to the market several phytotherapic and nutraceutics supplements with an original formulation

The consumer is at the heart.

Food supplements are intended to be added to the common diet and they form a concentrated source of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals with a nutritional or physiological effect. In accordance with the food regulation, including food supplements, FRAMA directly produces its items at the food/dietary plant authorized in accordance with the Legislative Decree 111/1992, transposing Directive 89/398/EEC relating to foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses and regularly notified by the Italian Minister of Health.

The departments of production and packaging respect the specific hygiene and health requirements, especially applying the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) own-checks system at all stages in the process chain (production, packaging, labelling and marketing) to supply safe products to the consumer.