Frama Fitoterapici

Company, history and team

Our History

A passion that lasts 10 years

FRAMA was born in 2008 from the experience of a group of professionals involved in the galenic and medicinal plants field. It produces high quality and efficient Phytotherapic formulation, thanks to a team of doctors and pharmacists coordinated by Professor Francesco Francini of the University of Padua. When the products began to maintain a viable position and the number of references increased, the company realized that they wanted to have the direct control of the production process. So, in 2010, a new factory in Noventa Padovana was opened. The internal departments managed the quality control and the selection of raw material. The flexibility acquired allowed the new marketing approach to be introduced, as the Personalization Service of Labels for the Pharmacy. The laboratory’s activity gains the attention of the commercial companies and begins the toll manufacturing that today increases the turnover up to 50%.
In 2014, FRAMA developed the “Veterinary Line”.
In 2018, it receives the ORGANIC label.
Thanks to a continued growth, FRAMA is moving towards foreign markets, embarking a process of widespread internationalization with the involvement in the most important trade fairs in the field.

Our land

A land of scientists

FRAMA is a company located in the province of Padua, in the Italian region of Veneto, only 30 km away from Venice. This region has always been able to combine the tradesmen’s initiative with the explorer’s courage and the passion for the science. The ancient Venetian people dominated the Mediterranean Sea for centuries and they built a bridge towards the East, encouraging fruitful links with the western European countries. Marco Polo’s history is the best example of that.

One of the most ancient universities of the world is located in Padua, founded in 1222. Some of the most important scientists of all times, as Galileo Galilei and Giambattista Morgagni, carried out their research there. But the Veneto region is also a land of important agricultural and gastronomic traditions. In the XVI century, in the Venetian printing presses the most important European gastronomic books were created. While, nowadays, the products of our land such as wine, olive oil, cheese are successfully exported all over the world.